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Write On Track 1.1 released

We’ve just released the first update to Write on Track, our writing planning tool for iPhone and iPad. This update includes several bug fixes, and a small new feature. The project list now shows deadlines for projects, and is sorted by deadline. The first due project is always shown at the top of the list.

Get Write on Track on the App Store, or visit the website:

Write on Track

Write on Track is a small tool aimed specifically at writers. Whether you’re working on your next great novel, or just trying to finish your master’s thesis, Write on Track keeps you on track. It features projects with deadlines and target word counts. Add new counts as you write, and your daily target will update to keep you on track, no matter what happens. Since not all iOS text editors feature word counters, you can copy the text you wrote to get a new word count, without having to do anything else.

Start a project

Writing the next great novel? Or perhaps struggling through your thesis? Whatever you’re writing, sometimes you need all the help you can get. Set a goal and deadline, and you’ll always know how much to write to stay on track!

Keep Track

Open up your writing project to see how far along you are. Your daily target is shown front and center. Copy your text and the wordcount will automagically be filled.

Finish on Time

Daily targets keep you on track. Written more than your target? Tomorrow’s target will adjust automatically. Finish your project on time, every time.