App development – Moving Medium

Moving Medium does app development for iOS. The iPhone and iPad are great examples of truly user centered design. These users expect and deserve the best software possible. Moving Medium works to deliver on those expectations. See our App showcase to see examples of our work. We’re available for contract work. Please contact us with your project details for a quote. We’re based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands but can work for clients worldwide.


We’ve developed several iOS apps. Our first release was MovieNight, which has several interesting features. It connects to a custom backend server, has Facebook integration and gets its data from a third party webservice. Our second release was Write on Track. This is a universal (iPhone and iPad) app. It allows you to keep track of your writing projects, and provides targets to keep you on track. Both apps are actively updated, and new app development is ongoing.


We can fully develop iOS apps in-house. From concept to interaction design, user interface design and coding fully featured apps. We have experience connecting to backend systems, and are able to develop custom backend server systems when required.