iPad/iPhone Apps

Moving Medium has built several apps for iOS. Our first release was MovieNight, an iphone app to keep track of movies, the invitation-feature added a social component. Write on Track, our second release, is an iPhone/iPad tool for writers to keep track of their progress in various writing projects.

MovieNight – iPhone app

MovieNight iPhone App

MovieNight for iPhone/iPod Touch let you track, find and get reminders about the movies you wanted to see. Reminders made sure you never missed a release date, and using the ‘MovieNight’ feature, you could easily invite your friends to come watch a movie with you.


MovieNight used TMDB.org for most of its data, supplemented by rottentomatoes.com. It was linked to a backend webservice which handles MovieNight invitations and RSVPs as well as sharing of movie lists and individual movies. These can be seen at http://movienightapp.com. Facebook and Twitter sharing are fully supported, optionally, facebook can be used for account management, instead of MovieNight itself.

Write on Track – iPhone and iPad app

Write on Track for iPhone and iPad

Write on Track is a small tool aimed specifically at writers. Whether you’re working on your next great novel, or just trying to finish your master’s thesis, Write on Track keeps you on track. It features projects with deadlines and target word counts.

Add new counts as you write, and your daily target will update to keep you on track, no matter what happens. Since not all iOS text editors feature word counters, you can copy the text you wrote to get a new word count, without having to do anything else.

Heart Rate Recovery

Heart Rate Recovery is an Apple Watch-app that tracks your heart rate over 2 minutes, to calculate your recovery heart rate. Results are stored in the companion iPhone app.


Ommetjes (short walks) was an app built for the city of Nijmegen as a digital companion to the walks. It had custom navigation, including custom vibration alerts for turning left and right (before Apple Watch existed!). At specific points on the route points of interests where visible explaining a little about the area, with pictures.